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Wood watches are versatile enough to work with almost any style, from casual to formal and everything in between. As if that wasn’t enough to sell you on wood watches, they are incredibly cheap without sacrificing style or substance, making them a very worthwhile investment.


In fact, wooden watches can also be considered and eco-friendly alternative to a traditional watch, giving yet another reason to consider one of these beautiful wristwatches.

 Here are some stunning wood watches that are available for under $50!



 Black dial minimalist watch with wooden bezel and brown leather strap

This wood watch combines a natural wood bezel (adorned to a stainless-steel case) with a beautiful brown leather strap to great effect, resulting in a very minimalist design.


The watch dial is almost completely black, with just a thin white border representing the hours. Two white hands really enhance the overall contrast of the colors, with no numbers or other markings present on the dial accept for a smaller second’s counter at the 6 position.


It features a Japanese 2035 MIYOTA quartz movement and uses a classic dress watch design, although it can easily work with casual attire too. For under $40, it certainly represents a stylish bargain!





The Crosscut Ebony Watch is very much in line with the classic race watch design, providing a flashy style but at a fraction of the cost.


In fact, the wood features of the watch are quite understated, which makes it all the more impressive upon closer inspection. This is because the watch strap and bezel are colored black to give it a stainless-steel appearance while still being a wooden material.


The dial is also black, featuring silver hour and minute markers that match the same color of the hands – although the second’s hand is a more distinct red. In truth, it is only the case of this model that has a natural wood finish, consisting of a stylish bamboo material.





With a combination of ebony wood and leather, this contemporary watch design is great for men with a minimalist style. This model will look stunning as part of your formal attire!


It features a standard black leather band measuring in at 20mm in width and 24cm in length. The wooden case consists of dark brown hues that almost appear black in certain lighting, which complements the strap nicely.


The dial is a good size too, measuring in at 43mm and includes a silver crown, which is ideal for those that appreciate chunkier cases. As for the dial itself, it’s a slightly darker tone of black/brown than the case, with a very stripped back design that features no number markers or any additional functions.


The watch hands consist of hours and minutes in a deep black color, while the second’s hand is a much more vibrant red, working as a great centerpiece.






While many wood watches prefer an understated style, some go for a more eye-popping design for those that want a watch that stands out. This gorgeous two tone wooden watch does exactly that, beautifully combing a dark brown with a vibrant orange while maintaining a natural wooden finish.


The bracelet is a classic stainless-steel link design, yet with wood replacing the metal material. It features both tones in the links, with the inner section featuring the colorful orange while the outer links use the deeper brown hue.


It is a rather large watch with a case measuring 44mm, which when combined with the link bracelet really gives this model a design reminiscent of classic race watches.


The orange tone is utilized to great effect on the watches bezel, with the remainder of the case remaining the dark brown hue present elsewhere in the watch. This orange color really helps the watch dial to pop out.

As for the dial itself, it is a basic black color with dark steel number dials and hands, completing a very stylish wood watch that is perfect for virtually any style.





The woodgrain bamboo wooden watch aims to make the most of the naturally attractive appearance of wood by leaving it almost unchanged. The case of this model looks virtually untreated from its natural wood material, which really enhances the overall wood appearance of the watch.


A leather strap helps to further highlight the natural wood finish of the case and dial, which features the same natural finish as the case and bezel. The number markers and hands on the dial are done in a black metal material, drawing more attention to the wood finish of the dial and rest of the watch.


It is quite a standard size for larger watch cases, measuring in at 45mm. The strap meanwhile, is rather straight-forward in its design, using a plain black leather material with a width of 24mm that makes it notably thinner than the chunky case.





The most eye-catching design aspect of this handmade hardwood luxury watch is the dial.  A light beige color that resembles marble, it really jumps out thanks to thick, chunky black number dials at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 markers.


This is further enhanced by the orange hues present in the wooden bezel, really making the face of the watch stand out. The case itself is a much darker color of wood, almost appearing completely black.


The same two-tone contrast is present in bracelet of the watch, which features a traditional link design that helps to give this model a very contemporary design that will look great with casual or formal styles.


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Hi Peter, these watches come with high quality quartz (battery operated) mechanism.

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These watches are good looking and come with pretty cheap price tag. What kind of mechanism is inside?

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